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A lot of rubbish has been written about search engine optimisation and a lot of companies and so-called search engine optimisation experts offer a service which more often than not is doomed to failure, or worse, actually gets you banned by the search engines for malpractice. It's really very simple....

If you have the most informative resource for the visitor, under a particular search phrase, then you will get a good ranking and all the commercial benefits that come with it. If your site is a thin sales site or brochure site, then the search engines will not consider it to be of importance and you won’t get ranked. You will then have to undertake all kinds of off-line and paid for on-line marketing to get traffic but you won’t get the ‘free’ traffic that’s out there. You could try other less legitimate ways of achieving success but they are equally likely to get your site blacklisted, and in the world of search engines there is no appeal court.

So, use search engine optimisation to offer the richest, most informative resource and you will get traffic. Of course it is a competitive thing. Some sectors already
have very good websites but oddly the search engines very rarely reflect the
pecking order
in the business world as businesses have been slow to build sites that reflect their sector position. It's a  bit like  going  to  a  trade show where the biggest stands are owned by the guys who have been coming to the show for the longest time!

Often you find all kinds of amateur sites at the top of a search engine just because they started earlier and have built more content over a longer period.

Our mission here is to help companies regain their rightful standing in the search engines' ranking and to get the benefit of the free traffic and be seen as important players in their sector truly reflecting their standing in the marketplace. To do this, we use our search engine optimisation expertise.

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